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Re: Groopads (A Real Update)

In a message dated 2/24/1999 11:22:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,
ruben@infoserve.net writes:

<< I'd also like some ideas on how many complimentary pads to give the Groo
 Crew (Sergio, Mark, Stan, Tom), with your reasoning.  I can't see giving
 each of them more than one of each design (2), but Stan and Sergio don't
 use computers.  Any serious ideas muchly appreciated. Please e-mail me
 privately on this topic. I'll take ideas until 2pm PST Thursday 25th.
 Ruben. >>


	I think one of each is resonable since your not profiting from these.  And I
think you'll have no problem selling 50 of each.  I plan on getting one of
each, and may be an addtion one to use even :).  I also think may be you could
put one or two each on e-Bay, Maybe signed, with the money going to CBLDF. 


PS of course, don't do it until after our orders are filled.....