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spelling of raspberry

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Tracy Parrow wrote:

> Now, I always thought it was spelled pbsbtpbsbtpbsbpth...
> Love, from
> Unirabbit (had store bought meat last night)
> YN3 Gabriel Owens wrote:
> > > Plplplplplplplplplplplplpl
> >         Is this the correct spelling of a rasberry?  I've always wondered

Actually, "raspberry" with a "p" is the correct spelling of razberry. :) 
I believe if you check out any number of Bloom County or other 
authoritative strips complete with sound effects, it's usually 
"phthththth..." or something along those lines. Actually, Mark IS a 
writer of strips, animation, etc....why don't we ask the expert!?