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Re: Groopads (A Real Update)

In a message dated 2/25/1999 4:37:06 PM Eastern Standard Time,
schechnr@flash.net writes:

<< I agree with Nate. (Mr. sparkplug Peetoast)  :-)
 >I also think may be you could
 >>put one or two each on e-Bay, Maybe signed, with the money going to
 >>PS of course, don't do it until after our orders are filled.....
 >~~~~ I would be diametrically opposed to this (sorry John) because when
 >I concieved the design, it was in the spirit that Groop Members should
 >have something unique to show for their devotion.  So selling a signed
 >one (even for charity) on e-bay takes away the unique priveledge of
 >~Nate P.
Chris and Nate,

	Since Nate and Ruben control the world's supply of Groopads, and I am
entirely at their mercy to get one (or two).  I am in no position to argue,
however I believe that in all likelihood that a Grooper would probably win the
auction.  (I now I would bid on signed pad) Also, isn't just a little selfish
of you, not to give the world a taste of the Glory that is Groo. Maybe the
winner would give the signed Groo to a child, who love it instantly, and
become a Groo devote. And as the child grows, he or she would take the lessons
learned from read Groo, a destroy cities, wreak havoc with standing armies,
sink uncountless ships and leave the world a better place for it.  WHO ARE YOU
TO DENY THIS CHILD'S DESTINY.  I implore, neigh demand that a signed Groopad
is put up for sale.  For the sake of humanity.....