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All Kidding Aside

Hi guys, all kidding aside, since I posted a reply to John about not 
selling groo pads on ebay, I've recieved a bunch of personal e-mails 
from Groop Members (who I will not name) who were geniuinely concerned 
about this.  Many are afraid that some people will buy pads just to make 
profit on Groo merchandise (even technically "un-official" ones) 
especially since these are going to be rare items.

I ask you, (and I'm sure Ruben would agree)  please do not buy these 
pads with the intent to make a quick buck.  These pads are for Groop 
Members alone (with the exception of buying one for a spouse or 
whatever...) and doing so would be dissrespectful to the Groop, to Mark 
and Sergio (who've allowed the pads to happen) and to myself and Ruben 
personally.  I'm dead serious.

~Nate P.~ And I will be keeping an eye out on Ebay... and woe to that 
poor greedy soul.

(That's it, I filled my "really serious post" quotient for the year.)

Nate Piekos (AKA Sparkplug Peetoast) (whoops, I'm back to normal now.)


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