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Re: Groopads (A Real Update)

Nate Piekos wrote:

> ~~~~ I would be diametrically opposed to this (sorry John) because when
> I concieved the design, it was in the spirit that Groop Members should
> have something unique to show for their devotion.  So selling a signed
> one (even for charity) on e-bay takes away the unique priveledge of
> ownership.

	I agree.  Though I suppose there would be nothing from stopping a
Groopie from selling his/her own copy.  But, I doubt that would happen,
unless they bought a whole bunch of extras.  And to curb that, we
reserve the right to refuse/limit excessively large orders.  
	And oh, I think I'll number each pad on the back, so they're even more
special (ie: 1/50, 2/50, etc.).