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Of course, if you did not want to try and spell it out, however you 
think it should be spelled, you can always use the emoticon:

;P ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

(now I REALLY need to wipe off the screen!)
Tony D.

From: Tracy Parrow <unirabbit@worldnet.att.net>
Now, I always thought it was spelled pbsbtpbsbtpbsbpth...

Love, from

Unirabbit (had store bought meat last night)

> > Plplplplplplplplplplplplpl
> >
>         Is this the correct spelling of a rasberry?  I've always 
> that (Actually, I think that was a subject of a Beetle Bailey comic 
strip a
> loooooong time ago.  Amazing I can recall that but not my new home 
> number).  Right up there with how to properly spell the sound of
> Transformers transforming (but thats neither here nor there).
>         Gabe

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