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GROOISM!!(Thanks Gabe)

>For the record, I prefer "Urinetoast" to "Peetoast".  Just more
>asethetically pleasing I guess.   Sounds like a big and epic name, fit 
>an emporer or warlord.  

~~~ Hmmm.. Emperor Urinetoast.  OH MAN! I forgot this story, and Gabe 
just reminded me, after all this time on the list I never told you this 
Grooism!!! Here goes:  I went to college at Rhode Island College (RIC).  
A few years before I got there, they were considering making RIC an 
annex of University of Rhode Island (URI)... so they were going to 
change the name of RIC to University of Rhode Island, North Eastern....  
(think about those initials for a minute.)   This got all the way to a 
voting commitee who realized their goof...luckilly it never happened.  
(as far as I know, this is a true story, I checked it with some 

~Nate P.~ Sparky Urinetoast

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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