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Re: All Kidding Aside

All kidding aside from me too; I couldn't agree more with Nate!

>Hi guys, all kidding aside, since I posted a reply to John about not
>selling groo pads on ebay, I've recieved a bunch of personal e-mails
>from Groop Members (who I will not name) who were geniuinely concerned
>about this.  Many are afraid that some people will buy pads just to make
>profit on Groo merchandise (even technically "un-official" ones)
>especially since these are going to be rare items.
>I ask you, (and I'm sure Ruben would agree)  please do not buy these
>pads with the intent to make a quick buck.  These pads are for Groop
>Members alone (with the exception of buying one for a spouse or
>whatever...) and doing so would be dissrespectful to the Groop, to Mark
>and Sergio (who've allowed the pads to happen) and to myself and Ruben
>personally.  I'm dead serious.
>~Nate P.~ And I will be keeping an eye out on Ebay... and woe to that
>poor greedy soul.
>(That's it, I filled my "really serious post" quotient for the year.)
>Nate Piekos (AKA Sparkplug Peetoast) (whoops, I'm back to normal now.)
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