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The Power of UrineToast!!!!

Hi Folks!

We all know and love Nate as that gregarious, indie comic producing, never
miss a chance for a AFK plug, sparkplug kind of guy.  But on top of all
that, he turns out to be one of the most powerful and listened to people in
cyberspace!  Let me explain.  

I have become an ebay junkie.  I check it twice a day under "Groo" and
several spelling variations of "Aragones" in the hopes of finding some
obscure Groo thing I don't have and because it is interesting to see what's
out there and what it's selling for.  (I don't bid on art Sergio has
obviously done for free, but I'm not above bidding a few bucks on a bootleg
magnet or button)  Anyway, there is typically a net average of 10 or so new
items per day.  Mostly Groo comics, cards, figurines and non-Groo
publications Sergio has done, like "Plop".      

Well, as you will recall, the Irepressable Mr. Urine Toast made a very
strong pronouncment the other day that Thou Shalt NOT Put Groo Pads On
Ebay.  Well, apparently such is Nate's power and so great is the fear of
incurring his wrath, that in the past 30 hours, no one has put ANYTHING
related to Groo or Sergio up for auction on ebay!!!!!!  Nothing! Nada!
Zippo!  So geez, when Nate speaks, cyberspace listens!  Allan Greenspan,
eat your heart out!    Take care all (and do what Nate tells you to) -Gary