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Re: The Power of UrineToast!!!!

>We all know and love Nate as that gregarious, indie comic producing, 
>miss a chance for a AFK plug, 

~~~~ Or "AKF", either one.  ; )

Well, apparently such is Nate's power and so great is the fear of
>incurring his wrath, that in the past 30 hours, no one has put ANYTHING
>related to Groo or Sergio up for auction on ebay!!!!!!  

~~~~ If I really had any power where ebay is concerned, someone would 
have bid on my Giant Size Xmen #1. (It's still up for grabs at a 
ridiculous price! -- "anyone, anyone, Bueller?")

    Take care all (and do what Nate tells you to) -Gary

~~~~ OK Let's put Gary's theory to the test...  send me cash because I 
need another guitar (my 6th)... and this way, my fiancee won't get on my 
case about spending wads of cash... just send it to: Nate Piekos, PO BOX 
3426, Pawtucket, RI, 02861  Nothing less than 20s please. Somehow I'm 
sure this will prove Gary wrong. 

~Nate P.~ Sparky Urinetoast

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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