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Misc. Posts

Hi Folks!

In an effort to finish behind Nate (The All-Powerful Urine Toast) in volume
(see, I really do know how to spell it) and save people's delete fingers, I
am consolidating my posts into one.  

Very Obscure Groo Sighting:  I was given a Flyer for the January 6, 1985
Los Angelos Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention that has a neat Groo
drawing on it.  There is a little almost completed scene of Groo charging
into battle with Sergio finishing the drawing while Mark is writing the
dialogue in the cartoon bubble.  I'm sure there are a bunch of Groo
sightings like this one that I will never know about.  Groo Sergio & Mark
were the focus of the Con.  

I also received an article from the CBG #568, October 5, 1984, which
discusses  the transfer of the Special from Pacific to Eclipse.  Nothing
Mark hasn't told us before, but its still kinda cool.  (Ruben, I'll send
you a photocopy)  

Re:  Dr. Dean Adell & Baseball hats:  For some of us, it is a purely
academic question.  (Someday I should regale you all with the lyrics I
wrote to the tune of the Garth Brooks 
song "I've Got Friends in Wrong Places" which I call "I've Got Hair in
Wrong Places" .......
Or maybe not.) 

Re: Urine Toast & Ebay:  Deny it all you want Nate.  Excuse me, Mr.
Urineto...er.. Piekos,  um   Mr. Piekos.  I just checked, and there STILL
haven't been any new Groo or Aragones ebay entries since 7:20 testerday
morning!  Man, that is power!  

Re:  Grooism & School Names:  We had something similar happen at my school,
UPS  (University of Puget Sound)  At that time, we had a prof. in the Art
Department who was world famous for the very large pots that he threw. 
Anyone who knows about pottery knows it is difficult to throw a 4-5 foot
pot. His name was F.C. Ball and the very unofficial name of the ceramics
building was "Ball Hall".  Meanwhile one of the major benefactors of the
school was a guy named Norton Clapp and there was talk of naming a new
building after him.  Well, the powers that be were already upset that we
had a building refered to as Ball Hall and they decided they just could not
deal with having Ball Hall and the Clapp Building on the same campus.

Have a good weekend  -Gary G.