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1999 Groop Awards Update

We're putting the final touches on for the Grand Opening tomorrow
midnight. If you've been thinking of making a nomination, and haven't,
you only have about 12 hours left!! If you haven't sent me the address
to your home page, PLEASE DO!! This will be a REALLY great place for us
to all go see each others' pages.

The academy is putting the final touches on the site as we speak. We
hope to see you there over the next couple weeks placing your votes for
your favorite...well, everything! I'll send the "official" opening
announcement with the web address tomorrow midnightish (my time). Around
9pm west coast time, around 6-8am Monday for most of europe, and around
noon for you folks along the western pacific rim (give or take a few
hours depending on where you are).

Adios for now.