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Re: All Kidding Aside

Nate Piekos wrote:

> I ask you, (and I'm sure Ruben would agree)  please do not buy these
> pads with the intent to make a quick buck.  These pads are for Groop
> Members alone (with the exception of buying one for a spouse or
> whatever...) and doing so would be dissrespectful to the Groop, to Mark
> and Sergio (who've allowed the pads to happen) and to myself and Ruben
> personally.  I'm dead serious.

	I'm sure Ruben would agree also.  As a further request, if some down
the windy road of life, you decide you don't want some/any of your
Groopads (egads!!), it would be a good idea to either give away or sell
your pad at cost to a fellow Groop member.  I'm sure there is some
Groopie out there that can handle wills and estates also.... :-}}
	And I'll be keeping any eye out on the popular comic selling places

All best,