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Ok, folks..... It's time to order! Yippee!! Huzzah! Hurrah! Did I
mention yippee?!?

INFORMATION (that I don't want to repeat over and over).

This post will outline some general information about ordering your
groopads, payments, etc.

The following 3 posts will be the order forms that you fill out and
return to me, depending on whether you are ordering from Canada, the US,
or International.

To make things as simple as Grooishly possible, I have calculated
rounded costs for the Groopads which include: preproduction costs,
printers' quantity discount, tax, freebies for the Groo Crew, envelope,
Air Mail shipping, and a small Groo Tax which acts both as a cost
fluctation buffer and charity fund raiser.  I need at least 50 orders to
satisfy my calculation assumptions, and any more will result in more
money donated to the CBLDF.  Again, neither Nate nor myself are making
any profit off of this project.  

The costs, in US FUNDS, are as follows:

In Canada: 1) $11, 2) $17, 3) $24, 4) $31
In the US: 1) $12, 2) $19, 3) $26, 4) $32
International: 1) $13, 2) $19, 3) $28, 4) $35

Only Groopad designs 1A & 2A are avaiable.  Groopad 4 was originally
intended for a sticker, but the ship for that idea was visited by Groo.
Groopad 1A & 2A, as magnificantly crafted by Nate Urinetoast, can be
viewed at:


You can order up to 4 mousepads, in any combination (although I presume
most people will want even numbers of each design).  Again, only 1A & 2A
are your choices.

I prefer payment by money order, which your local bank, post office, or
house of cheese dip, can draft for you.  I can also accept personal
cheques, though your order may be delayed while the bank processes it. 
You can also send cash bills securely wrapped in an envelope, but I take
no responsibility for money 'lost' in the mail.  All payment MUST BE IN

IMPORTANT NOTE: To keep things easier for me, and to avoid any typos,
you MUST include with your payment a mailing label that I can use on
your mousepad package.  It must be at least 2" x 3", and doesn't have to
be a printed sticker -- just hand written a peice of paper will do.  I
don't want to have the joy of writing out 50+ adresses, and risk messing
up a few on the way.

I have made every attempt to keep costs as a low as possible (inclduing
getting a 40% quantity discount at the printers!).  For those folks who
simply cannot afford to purchase any Groopads, a very kind and generous
Groopie has anonymously come forward as being willing to pay for some
needy Groopies' Groopad needs.  This offer is being made on a first
come, first served basis, and will end at any time at the discretion of
the donator.  Please do not abuse this offer.  Please include a note
that you need to use this offer in the regular order forms, and I will
notify you if you will receive a free Groopad(s). 

I will be accepting e-mail orders until Sunday March 14th, with payment
due by Monday March 22nd.  That gives 2 weeks to place your order, and 3
weeks to receive your payment. I will place an order with the printer on
Tuesday March 23rd, for all paid orders.

Happy ordering,

Ruben Arellano
#306 - 1385 Draycott Rd.
North Vancouver, BC
Canada  V7J 3K9

PS: Thank you very much for reading this far.  And sorry if I sound
rather up tight or harsh in this post.  I just want to get things right
when dealing with so much money & paper work.  Did I err?