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Groo Statue mishaps.

The groo gods hate me.
Mind you, this has happened twice.
Once, I was trying to save up enough money to buy a groo statue for
myself. Kind of like a birthday gift for myself. The store was selling
the groo statue for around $250. And just when I had saved up enough,
I found out that someone bought the statue just the other day.
Then A year later, I found a shop that had the statue for sale for
around $275. Since I had spent the money I had saved up for something
else, I had to save up again.
Well just recently, the store was having a big sale. 50% off on all
items. Th day I found out the store was having a big sale, I didn't
have enough money with me. I was asking the saleslady to reserve the
statue for me, but she said it wasn't possible. I came back a day later
to discover that someone had already bought the statue.
Isn't once enough already?

Anyway, does anybody know of a mailorder service or something that has
groo statues up for sale? I don't seem to have any luck here. (Any mail
order service will do, as long as it delivers to canada...I can have
them send it to my cousin and my cousin is coming over in two months.)