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Re: groo games, groo statue

Hi Folks!

We must lift the statue curse from Bubble!  If Kevin's store is selling the
statue for $175 (the regular price) it can probably pack it and ship it to
the Phillipines for the $200-$225 that they go for over there.  (Was that
US dollars Bubble?).  Another alternative would be to contact Graphitti
Designs.  They have a website,  http://www.graphittidesigns.com ,and may
have some left.  The price would be the same.  It's that whole 10,000 miles
away thing.  One last alternative from a money standpoint is to wait for
the next one to come up on Ebay.  Two were sold in February for $102.50 and
$131.00.  Of course, it could be 6 months before the next one and it could
go for much more.  You never know.  

The regular price of the Groo game is $15.95 and the regular price of the
expansion set is $7.95.  

Take care all-Gary G.  

> From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@ummed.edu>
> To: Groop <groop@groo.com>
> Subject: groo games, awards nominations, groo statue
> Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 6:28 AM
> Somebody recently was coralling games for the Groop & had more orders
> than available games....checked with my store. They have 5 games. They
> run $15.95 (is that what they ran before? does anyone remember?). Also,
> for Bubble, they do have a Groo statue, but it's listed in the display
> case as full price. Last item: nominations are now officially
> closed...later on tonight I'll give everyone the web address of where to
> start voting. You'll have almost 2 weeks to vote, so don't worry about
> setting your clocks Groop! :) There will NOT be any updates during the
> voting. You won't know who the winners are until Apr.1. Adios for now.
> Kevin