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Nate's just a big meanie! Lighten up!

Nate wrote:

>No, I'm telling you I'm busting my butt to help get the Awards Site 
>up for the enjoyment of Groop Members like you, not to mention Yada yada
>TWE t-shirts,  Blah blah wedding,  yak yak yak Internet business (Planet 10
>Logos),  and more blah blah blah groothewanderer.com, 
>another round of yada yada 40 hrs. a week.....
>would you like to hear more?

Yeah, why not?  I got nothing better to do ;P

-  That Guy "Who Doesn't Like Being Berated for a Harmless Joke" Daniel

PS:  I don't want to sound like an a-hole but the time you took to yell at me
was probably more than sufficient to locate any back issue of Groo.

PPS:  Can you guess who works two jobs, has a 24 credit school curriculum
(with his first set of exams approaching), is applying for more college (which
involves 10 essays), not to mention writing a project & interviewing for a
summer internship at Brookhaven N'tnl labs.?  What I'm trying to say here is
everybody has work and problems, so we should be careful of how we approach
others with our own......

again with the PS:  If you didn't know, we at the groop (and I'm pretty sure I
speak for everyone) really do appreciate what you do for us, as will no doubt
be evidenced at next week's Rufferto voting.  And I'm sorry if my JOKE
offended you.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?