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Re: cool find...

Speaking of Cool Finds, I was on the road Saturday and stooped in a comic
shop.  Low and behold what did I wonder eyes see, but Buzz and Bell: Space
Cadets.  I was happy.  Could it be, behind the Buzz and Bell, I thought it
was, yes now I'm sure of it. Smokehouse Five.  Quandary, I need Buzz and Bell
(I think), I know I have Smokehouse Five, but do I pick it up anyway, just in
case somebody else needs it.  After hours and hours of agonizing (well, maybe
20 seconds), I pick it up.  Better even still, I buy them.  (You can thank the
State of RI, my state income tax refund came in, and I use that money as MAD
money)  So, while all the card games are spoken for, I now have an extra
Smokehouse Five.  My cost $9.95+.70 tax + 10.65, yours 10.65+postage ($3.20
priority, less 1st class).  As usual, let me know. FCFS