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Re: cool find...

Shane Clarke wrote:
> I got myself another 'cool' find in an old bookstore today.
> I found another little Mad Novel by Sergio. "In Mad We Trust"
> This one is from the early 70s. So that is now 4 different ones I have that
> are
> purely Sergio Aragones. I wonder how many more there are?
	The low-down from the Sergiography:

"Reprinted Aragones illustrations have appeared in over 50 paperbacks
Warner) that reprint material from the regular issues of of MAD. The
two subsections list additional paperbacks by Aragones.

MAD paperbacks exclusively by Aragones with all new material:   
	Viva MAD (1968, Signet)
	MAD about MAD (1970, Signet)
	MADly Yours (1972, Warner)
	In MAD We Trust (1974, Warner)
	MAD as the Devil (1975, Warner)
	Incurably MAD (1977, Warner)
	Shootin' MAD (1979, Warner)
	MAD as a Hatter (1981, Warner)
	MAD Menagerie (1983, Warner)
	MAD Pantomimes (1987, Warner) @BC
		"Fair Exchange" story reprinted in The Best Comics of the 
		Decade v2 (1990, Fantagraphics Books)
	More MAD Pantomimes (1988, Warner) @p22,23
	MAD as Usual (1990, Warner) @BC
	Totally MAD (1991, Warner) @Ruff: BC
	Next MAD Book (1992, Warner) @TO

MAD paperbacks exclusively by Aragones with redrawn reprint material:

	MAD Marginals oversized paperback (1974, Warner)
		Reprinted in 1980 by Warner in regular paperback size.
	More MAD Marginals (Apr 1985, Warner) @dedication page, TO