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1999 Groop Awards Site address

I'm SOOOO sorry gang! I fell asleep last night. Been a busy couple weeks
for me on a number of fronts. And when the going gets tough, I fall
asleep!! :) I'm getting old, I think. Anyway, the all important address
that we've been trying to get you excited about is:
     http://members.xoom.com/the groop/

You'll find directions on how to win a million dollars!!! Naughty
pictures of your favorite actor/actress!!! The location of 20 unknown
before Groo sightings!! (that should get Gary, eh, Nate?) And LOTSSSS


PS Disclaimer: all of the above is pure hype (like the 2.9% fixed
introductory rate on credit cards). Actually, none of those things is
true (and the rate is usually between 18% & 22% variable, although you
may find some that are a little lower). Also, since it's a "free" site,
they want you to add their banners; as of 2 or 3 days ago, they added in
their "automatic" ad...except the idiot at Xoom who wrote it, wrote it
wrong...so it crashed Nate's browser. If you have an older browser, you
*may* have problems. I'm working on seeing if I can find the proper "ad"
to insert to correct this problem in the next day or two. If all else
fails, I'll find a way to put it up at my school site so no ads are
involved. Please let me know if you have trouble with the site. Thanks.