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Re: 1999 Groop Awards Site address

Kev wrote:
>>     http://members.xoom.com/the groop/
Magnus wrote:
>What our little to excited Kevin mean is:

~~~~ I don't believe it!  Kev! Man! Buddy!  Pal! We spent all our waking 
moments writing HTML, designing, e-mailing, crying, sweating (not 
sweeting) and frantic...... and when it came time for the grand 
opening... you mis-typed the URL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Oooh. boy.  I 
laugh because if I didn't, I'd cry.  This is a true Groo moment. ; )

~Nate P.  Well, the doors are open Groop, go check it out and tell us 
what you think.

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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