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1999 Groop Awards news

I know it hasn't even been 12 hours yet, but a few things:

We've already had 11 people vote today (and there was much rejoicing). I
hope EVERYONE, (newbies, lurkers, groopies, groopers) <--- I've been
reading WAY too much Dr. Suess with my daughter, will drop by the site
and vote!!! Or at least take a peek at the nifty awards and all the cool
links to Groop members' sites. Speaking of which, it's NOT too late to
send me (off the list please) your website address!! We've got a bunch
listed already, but I'd LOVE to list more!! Get to know your fellow
Groopers/Groopies and let them get to know you!

As far as the minor launching gaffe (sp?) this morning, I'd like to
thank Magnus & Nate for not letting the shuttle crash before it even
left the pad...this is a GOOD example of why teams are a good
thing...and an even better example of why I should ALWAYS get my
medication (if I run out, do you think the people that visit you all the
time will give me some Squirrel?). As my esteemed academy member pointed
out, and in case you missed one of the THREE posts this morning, the
site is at:

Take care all.