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Groo Sighting?

     Sergio did a few pages in a book (along with 30 other artists) in 1982 
     called "How to Draw Cartoons".  Given the date, it's doubtful that 
     Groo appears, but it's still an entry for the Sergiography.  
     Sergio also an original framing story for House of Secrets No. 1 (1998 
     incarnation), where a Groo may possibly lurk (ala Welcome Back to the 
     House of Mystery).  
     Some of you saw numerous items (statue, magnet, pins, posters, etc.) 
     from my collection in the photos that accompanied Ruben's interview of 
     Sergio in the Journal of MADness.  I'm always looking to add new or 
     unusual items (anything Aragones, not just Groo-related)...let me know 
     if you have anything interesting for trade or sale!
     Mike S.