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A site for sore souls.

Wow!  That was really great!  No fooling!  I loved everything!  The vibrant
colors, the ease of use, the wording, the art, and you guys got it all done in
a WEEK?!?!?!?!!!  I think you COULD take over the world, had you the desire.

Best Points:

Colors (like unto Groo's bandana, no?)

All the art esp. The Cheese Dip Vat w/ Swords.

Descriptions of Categories.

Mysterious mendicant hall o' Fame

Niagara falls, self-referencing

Cohesion & flow of entire Site.

The Vote Confirmation Lines

e.g. The ***** Award award.

The fact that you used the word (my word!) "Ruffies"

Suggestions for '00 Rufferto Awards

That ?______? Guy Daniel (What's up with that?  Shouldn't it read: @%*$!#!!

Buttons for submission should read:
______  _____   _________________
|YES!!!|  |NO!!!|   |MMM...Could BE!!!!!|
----------  ---------   ------------------------------

I should be allowed to vote for myself multiple times, but this should not be
true for anyone else. 

More Space in Favorite Characters Box.  (<-- Only serious one.  I didn't have
room to write anything funny!)

- That ________ guy Daniel


Could you guys give a brief synopsis of:

Two Sheds  
Wizard Scavenger Hunt
Groop Quizzes
Count the Kopins
I'll be Good, please don't....
I agree...

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?