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Re: How's the Water?

>T.G. Daniel Wrote:
>> I can't believe I did it.  I spent $75.00 on 3 sets of Groo 
>> finally gone over to the Dark Side...Hello, Gary.
>No, no, no T.G.D,   Going over to the Dark Side is when you sell 
>Sergio gave you for free.  Paying $25. a pop for miniatures is merely 
>over to the Silly Side (something to be expected from all Groo fans 
one way
>or another) and maybe dancing around the edges of the (gasp!) 
>Side!!!!  Whether you fall into that abyss depends on how many more 
>Side things you do!  Enjoy your little lead guys!  -Gary G.  
>That's nothing.  I spent over $85.00 for ONE package of Groo 
miniatures.  Is it too late to nominate me for the Groo blunder award 
. . 

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