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Fill Daniel (& other newbies) in on a few things...

DanielBron@aol.com wrote:

> Could you guys give a brief synopsis of:
> Two Sheds
Nickname of Groop member. Name comes from Monty Python skit.

> Wizard Scavenger Hunt
A bunch of us tried (HARD!!) to win a scavenger hunt sponsored by Wizard
magazine. The prize was some orig. art (incl. Sergio art). A very long
and "interesting" list of items was required.

> Groop Quizzes
Trivia quizzes sent out over the list with the promise of fame, fortune,

> Count the Kopins
Nate drew a wonderful picture that had MANY hidden kopins in it. Sort of
a hidden picture game. Was a lot of fun. Contest to see if folks could
find all of them.

> I'll be Good, please don't....
Demon Squirrel ended MANY of his missives especially early on as if he
was being carried off to the funny farm (usually to be injected,
shocked, or something even worse: psychoanalyzed on a couch by a high
payed psychologist!!).

> I agree...
I'd say mostly Gary, but many folks picked up on this one. Often when a
message would go out about some subject, Gary would simply reply "I
agree with mark" or "I agree with Ruben" etc.  I usually agreed with
Gary (except when I didn't).

Hope those helped.