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Re: A site for sore souls.

---schechner & associates <schechnr@flash.net> wrote:
> >-- A2SG, danm, who woke him up?...
> Welcome back. (and get your own arts programme, ya fairy!)

No, no. Look. This shed business -- it doesn't really matter. The
sheds aren't important. A few friends call me Two Sheds and that's all
there is to it. I wish you'd ask me about the music. Everybody talks
about the sheds. They've got it out of proportion -- I'm a composer.
I'm going to get rid of the shed. I'm fed up with it!

"Then you'll be Arthur 'No Sheds' Gumby, eh?"

Look, forget about the sheds! They don't matter!

> I certainly hope you know the origin of that parenthetical clause,
> I'm quoting. It's not MY statement!

"Never mind, Timmy."

"Oh Michael, you're such a comfort."

Not to worry, I'm fluent in Python.

And it is good to be back...I've been busy and the mail in my Groop
folder just kept piling on and on, till I finally waded through it. 
Now, I'm back.

And there was much rejoicing.

Oh, all right....but could you at least fake a little rejoicing?


-- A2SG, that's better....

The Two Sheds:

The Groop Round Robin stories archive:
(so at least there's something Groo related....)

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