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Groo Sighting?, ebay, Groop Awards

Hi Folks!  

The Groop Awards Page is Fabulous!!!!!    Major Kudos to Nate, Lia, Kevin
and Magnus!!!!!  (btw, in case anyone was wondering, Nate leads the pack
with 7 nominations in 4 categories. A few other nutcases also are nominated
in 4 categories)  

Mike S. Wrote:

>      Sergio did a few pages in a book (along with 30 other artists) in
>      called "How to Draw Cartoons".  Given the date, it's doubtful that 
>      Groo appears, but it's still an entry for the Sergiography.  

There is no Groo, but it's a cool book.  Actually, I think they updated and
added to it in 1982 from an earlier date. I seem to recall that Sergio'
stuff is dated from the 70's.  
>      Sergio also an original framing story for House of Secrets No. 1
>      incarnation), where a Groo may possibly lurk (ala Welcome Back to
>      House of Mystery).  

The person who put this on ebay is confused.  House of Secrets is a
continuing series from the Vertigo line of DC.  Sergio & Gaiman have not
contributed.  They have only done the "wrap around" thing for the one
Welcome Back to House of Mystery title we all knew about already.  

Shane Wrote: 
> whole bunch of new things on ebay!

Yeah and one of them is a Groo statue. I would propose that if any domestic
Groopies are thinking about bidding on it, they defer to Bubble (Dennison
Tan) so that maybe she can finally get a Groo statue and maybe at a decent
price, even with shipping!  

Take care all -Gary G.