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Re: Groop Awards Page - PLEASE READ

The Grossmanns wrote:

> The Groop Awards Page is Fabulous!!!!!    Major Kudos to Nate, Lia, Kevin
> and Magnus!!!!!  (btw, in case anyone was wondering, Nate leads the pack
> with 7 nominations in 4 categories. A few other nutcases also are nominated
> in 4 categories)

First of all, thanks to Gary. That means a lot coming from Mr. Dessesbo.
Seriously. What Gary didn't tell you, is that he alerted us to a problem
with the vote registration machine.

Please DO NOT VOTE until we give the all clear. Hopefully by tomorrow...

Please DO VISIT THE SITE though. We'll get the problem fixed as soon as
we can, but there's still a nice site with some nice layouts to browse
through while you anxiously await to hit that ballot!! Magnus??
Magnus....??  Anybody seen Magnus??