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Re: Groop Awards Page - PLEASE READ

Does this mean that those of us who have already voted need to go and
do it agian?

---Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@ummed.edu> wrote:
> The Grossmanns wrote:
> > The Groop Awards Page is Fabulous!!!!!    Major Kudos to Nate,
Lia, Kevin
> > and Magnus!!!!!  (btw, in case anyone was wondering, Nate leads
the pack
> > with 7 nominations in 4 categories. A few other nutcases also are
> > in 4 categories)
> First of all, thanks to Gary. That means a lot coming from Mr.
> Seriously. What Gary didn't tell you, is that he alerted us to a
> with the vote registration machine.
> Please DO NOT VOTE until we give the all clear. Hopefully by
> Please DO VISIT THE SITE though. We'll get the problem fixed as soon
> we can, but there's still a nice site with some nice layouts to browse
> through while you anxiously await to hit that ballot!! Magnus??
> Magnus....??  Anybody seen Magnus??
> Kevin

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