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Alright, I know ths is not exactly Groo related,but everybody go to the
links on the awards site and go visit Mo-gur's Art Gallery. Please. In
the nine or so months that my friend Tad and I have had that thing up,
we've gotten no feed-back from anybody whatsoever, except Kevin (thanks
kevin) and it's really depressing. Somebody, anybody, take a look and
tell me what you think. My stuff is the Dawg-house, and Tad's stuff is
in The Grizzly Den. I know this is a little self-serving, and I
apologize, but where else am I gonna plug this thing?
---Bryan "no nickname" Shultz
P.S.- I'll put some of my Groo art up as soon as I can.

I don't like the term "crazy", I prefer paranoid-psychotic.