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'99 Groop Awards Update

Magnus Lindgren wrote:
> At 15:08 1999-03-02 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hey folks -- all I can say is terriffic page! Wow, such a great job!  It
> >is soooo cool.  Bravo ! Bravo ! And Well Done ! too.
> >
> >I was really amazed at how well it looked, flowed, and WORKED!
> ..if you only knew ;-)
> /Magnus

Our resident cgi technician has identified the problem. And while he's
been able to correct it, the ftp server of the place we have the script
is currently down. We'll let you guys know as SOON as we have the voting
page back online. As an aside, now this REALLY feels like a Groop page!!
It was just TOO smooth before this. :) We'll give you updates as soon as
we know anything.


PS Whoever made the crack about me & the wrong URL being in next year's
Groo award contest, I've been outdone now! So phtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbbt. :P