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Psychoman Review

This is not Groo related, but us artists gotta stick together... so a 
little promotion never hurt nobody.

 I checked out Psycho Man's art.  Pretty cool!  So on with the promotion 
and reviewing!

The art:  He's got an awesome handle on the animorph genre of 
illustration.  Neat characters.  There's a graphitti influence, and he's 
got great shading technique.  I tihnk I see a little Kevin Eastman 
influence in his inking.  Stands up great as just b/w, but looks cool 
computer colored too.  What's your background in actual drawing 
instruction Psycho?  I just ask, cuz, as cool as it is,  I think you 
(and all of us brought up on comics) could use more life drawing 
experience.  You know, intensive anatomy, drawing real, normal people 
instead of superheroes etc.   I would have also liked to have seen more 
diverse drawing styles, and I don't think I saw one background.  (That's 
really important if you're going to do a comic.)  

The Site:  Nnice simple layout, which is a good sign of mature design 
sense, people tend to do too much with site design.  But the images were 
way too big.  Way too long to load.  Maybe use thumbnails.  A 
fundamental design principal is:  If you're trying to get people 
interested, design to the lowest common denominator (eg. make sure the 
site looks good on low res monitors, etc.)  because if someone out of 
the blue goes to your page, they don't wanna sit and wait to see the 
whole pic.  Especially on the front page.  Those huge graphic links to 
the gallery  could be reduced a lot.  Over all, I liked the site, and I 
liked the art.  That pic of the cute cuddly stuffed bear with violent 
tendencies looks like he's the bastard brother of my character Umberto 
from The Whole Enchilada.

Hey Groop, go check it out!

(And BTW, I don't give good reviews easilly... I believe in merciless 
honesty where reviews are concerned, cuz if you sugar-coat it, none of 
us will learn a thing from eachother. -- just ask Shane Clarke about my 
reviews! ; )

~Nate P.

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