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Let me say this...

Thinking about Psychoman's review, I had a thought that I think will be 
my defining commentary on comic art from now on:

And I don't mean this to reflect on Psychoman, I was just thinking about 
what I wrote earlier, and I think this is important.

The true measure of a comic illustrator is his/her ability to draw a 
normal person... and do it well.  To make a city street seem real... to 
put enough thought into the drawing that you have to know how your 
backgrounds function (where to put this mailbox, or trashcan, or what's 
that little dog doing in the corner) (Sergio's a master of this.)  

I grew up on Xmen and Spidey, and I loved them (and still cherish the 
memories) but it's the downfall of the young artist to derive primary 
instruction from those books. ( Besides, 80% of the anatomy is wrong 

When I went to college, and began studying actual nude models, and got 
deeply involved in art history I learned soooo much more than I thought 
I knew.  Drawing from life is so imprtant for the artist.  Every smooth 
curve of a woman, every line of a man... it is absolutely essential to 
know these things. Because you incorporate this knowledge into your 
style.  I remember being shocked when I heard Frank Miller discussing 
17th century Italian art in an interview... I thought, "C'mon Frank, 
what does this have to do with comics?" I was about 17 at the time.  But 
once I was sitting in an art studio, under baking lamps, 3 hours a day, 
covered in charcoal dust,  examining in an almost zen way, the form of 
the nude models, the technical physics of light and shadow, the function 
of architecture.... I knew what it had to do with comics.... EVERYTHING.

~Nate P.~ End of essay. Thanks for listening.

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