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Re: ebay groo statue

Just to add to what Mark said.  The reason you are being out bid
immediately is because the guy has a higher maximum amount than you have
put in so far.  Maybe he's set his maximum bid is $125.  No one knows that
except him & ebay.  So the current high bid may be $50. You put in $75 as
your maximum and the high bid is automatically kicked up to $77.50 (or
whatever the minimum increment is at that level)  All you've done is put
him closer to his maximum.  I agree with Mark's strategy on this one. 
Decide the most you are willing to pay (like maybe $25 below regular price)
and enter that with a couple minutes to go.  If someone wants it for more
than that, fine, you can go for the next one. I'll look and see if the
current high bidder is one of the looney's who's been paying $70+ for IG

Good luck -Gary G. 

> From: Dennison Tan <dennison@philonline.com>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: ebay groo statue
> Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 12:40 AM
> Okay, I'm not really sure how this works, but Someone keeps outbidding
> me whenever I bid.
> Should I just input the whole amount I'm willing to spend or wait?
> I don't want to spend a whole lot for the statue and then spend for
> shipping.
> I'm really not familiar with ebay and with how it works.
> someone help?
> Bubble