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Ebay, The Groo Statue, Bad Manners, etc...

Old Business:

Ok, I think I'm safe.  I'm not on the Silly-, Dark-, or *Gasp* Obsessed-Side.
I ended up only paying $25.00 for 1 set of groo minis (#3), I don't know how I
feel about that.  But the blame/praise all goes to last 30-second bidders.  I
just hope people keep posting groo minis on ebay.  I saw one note that said
"This is the last set I have to sell".  I want my chance @ #s 1,2,4,5.  (Yes,
I'm aware that there are some available now on ebay.  I decided to become a
last 30-second bidder on those).  

New Business:

You know guys, there are some statues in my neck of the woods that I could
pick up for people. I'm pretty sure they're full price, however, so it's your

As to that "I want to leave" person, is there any way to sign him up TWICE for
all groop mailings?  I mean, we have to teach him some manners.......

-That "Insert Funny Phrase Here" Guy Daniel

PS:  Vote for me!
Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?