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Re: San Diego Comic Con

---The Grossmanns <grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:
> ARRGGHHH!!!!!!!!
> After weeks of trying to get the bozo to decide between the first and
> second weeks of August for the office vacation, my wife's employer
> the last week in July (?!?!)  
> So I won't be able to incorporate a side trip to the San Diego Comic
> into our family vacation.  Oh, the pain!  Oh, the agony! Oh,the.......
> But what's this?  Do my ears deceive me?  Did I just hear my wife
say "Well
> why don't you just get a cheapy flight down there for one day?"  Ha!
> She did say that!!!!!
> Whoo hoo!  Now you know why I married her!  Why she married me is
one of
> life's implausible mysteries.  Now excuse me, she's here with my
> medication.
> Blissfully yours, Gary G.  
gary, you are a very lucky guy to have a wife that understands you
illne...um i mean obsess...no wait, enthusiasm for collecting anything
groo. So how many other groopers are planning to make it to the con?  
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