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Re: San Diego Comic Con

---Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com> wrote:
> >>groo. So how many other groopers are planning to make it to the
> >>
> Well I go every year... My girlfriend and I got to meet Gary last
> and he proved to me that it is possible to always remain a kid at
> I will be stay at the Hotel this year where the convention is held
at. I
> usually stay at the Princess Resort... but I'm staying right there
> time... so when my backpack fills up with treasures... then I can just
> scoot up to the room and unload it all and start again!!!!!!!!
> Last time we had breakfast... maybe we can do a lunch or dinner type
> with the groopers that show?
I think a dinner thing after the con would be an excelent idea! We
will all dine on cheese dip! and you know how you always see those
weird people dressed as klingons, xena and other stuff, well how bout
we all dress as different characters from groo??? wadda ya say! It
would be a real hoot!
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