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Re: I want to leave? why?

At 05:59 PM 3/3/99 -0800, Dan LaLande wrote:
>with that I want to leave guy, can we make it so he can't send messages, but
>recieves all of ours 10 or 20 times?  that would be cool.
Well, technically, though I wouldn't do it because it would be cruel..
(i've done it before and have had much fun and success with it), I could
basically do 2 things.

1) send a hard core email bomb and destroy his mail server. being that i'm
on an OC-48 line at work (48 bundled T-3 Lines) I could loop and email with
a 1 meg picture attachment and send it to him about a 100 times in a couple
of minutes. This would destroy his incomming email storage server. Or if he
has his email set up to look at incoming emails ahead of time to 'detect'
large emails, then I could set up an infinite loop email and send him just
a one line message... every have a couple of thousand new emails when you
log on? It's not pretty.

But, alas, I'm above such things now, so I vote for option #2:

2) we send Groo over to his house?

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
Brave enough for a Lan Party?
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