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hello again from the twelve monkeys guy

Yo(ko Ono). Hey Chris: this is your address isn't it? The address is
different but this is still the twelve monkeys guy from some weeks ago: of
y'wanna reply you can only send it to this address for the next hour -
after that I'll  be gone and forgotten so you can send to:
  A few questions for you and "the bunch of idiots"
  Question One: Who's Bill Gaines?
  Question Two: Who's Walt Kelly? Nice quote.
  Question Three: Um, there isn't a question three.
  I can't think of any more phrases, cliches, nonsensical comments and
plain-ol' chat, so I'll bid goodbye and good will, or something even more

                                EviLdoll (a.k.a. Donal)
                                Yer Man in Dublin, Ireland

                "There is a faster way to level a field...."
                                        Groo the Wanderer