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Re: hello again from the twelve monkeys guy

>Yo(ko Ono). Hey Chris: this is your address isn't it? The address is
>different but this is still the twelve monkeys guy from some weeks ago: 
>y'wanna reply you can only send it to this address for the next hour -

~~~ What I said earlier about us being the good guys and  turning the 
other cheek?  Forget it.  People like this deserve whatever you wanna do 
to their e-mail.  Not only does this have nothing to do with Groo, but 
it's of no interest to anyone, so.... blitz 'em.

~Nate P.~ On his way to get *two* malnourished, rabid badgers, six pairs 
of handcuffs and a raw porterhouse steak to rub all over these idiots.

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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