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FW: 3/3/99 WIZARD Emailer

> Six decades of Batman? It's a fanboy's dream come true!
> May's Fanboy #5 features a 12-page Batman story with 
> artwork reflecting Batman art from the 1940s through 
> the 1990s. Legendary Batman artists Dick Sprang, 
> Jim Mooney, Joe Giella, Neal Adams, Frank Miller 
> and Bruce Timm provide new, all-original artwork.
> "It's a story where Fanboy imagines himself as Robin 
> in a Batman story," writer Mark Evanier said of the 
> DC book, "but for no discernible reason, we change 
> the time period and art styles." Evanier even found 
> a way to include Batman's creator, the recently 
> deceased Bob Kane.
> "Fanboy #5's cover is based on Batman #1," said Evanier. 
> "We took Robin out and put Fanboy in his place."
> - Scott Brick
> To View Advanced Art:
> http://www.wizardworld.com/news/fanbat/fanbat.html