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Re: Groo Sighting?, ebay, Groop Awards


>The person who put this on ebay is confused.  House of Secrets is a 
>continuing series from the Vertigo line of DC.  Sergio & Gaiman have not 
>contributed.  They have only done the "wrap around" thing for the one 
>Welcome Back to House of Mystery title we all knew about already.  
>Take care all -Gary G.  

Yep, that person is actually selling Welcome Back to the House of Mystery not 
House of Secrets.  When I found that out, I immediately placed a bid of $2.50 
since that's a steal compared to the retail price of around $7.50.  Definitely 
worth picking up a second copy at that price (no big deal if I don't for those 
Grooparoos that want it for the hidden Groos)!

Mike S.
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