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People "Stuck" On the List

Hi Folks!

First let me say that Shane is a VERY nice guy.  Shane has no reason to
ever get mad at me, no sir.  I'm always going to be very nice to Shane. 
Always.  And Shane, if I ever do anything to get you mad, it was a mistake.
 On my part.  All my fault.  Totally.  (Am I being too subtle here?  Hmmm.
Maybe so.  OK.....)   SHANE!!!!  Please !!!!   Don't destroy my computer. 
Sob. Sob. Grovel. Grovel.  

Anywho, when someone somehow gets on the list without intending to and is
an Internet Idiot like me, but doesn't have the decency to simply ask how
to get off,  we should maybe have a little fun with them, (Like have 50 of
us each return all 15 of his messages or have Shane do that loop thing so
his e-mail is blocked for a couple hours) but nothing too nasty.  As for
the occaisional spammer we get, there I would propose that we take the
gloves off and have Shane blow up their computer while Nate sneaks up on
them with rabid badgers and handcuffs.  Anywho, That's my two kopins.   

Re:  Willie's idea:  I have often toyed with the idea of making a paper
mache Groo head/mask and a Groo costume to go with it. (I always made the
kid's halloween costumes)  I'm the right heigth for Groo.  The problem is
my arms are too skinny and my legs are too thick.   A creative use of paper
mache and pantyhose could solve the former, but the latter is a major
stumbling block.

We should get as many Groopies (not afraid to use the term, unless, of
course, Shane doesn't like it) as possible at San Diego on the day Mark can
hopefully arrange a Groo panel.  It could be a precursor to Groo-Fest

Anywho, bye for now (and perhaps for a long time if I've said anything to
offend Shane-who by the way, is a VERY nice guy)  -Gary G.    

> From: Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>
> To: Dan LaLande <jlalande@jeffnet.org>; groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: I want to leave?  why?
> Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 8:29 PM
> At 05:59 PM 3/3/99 -0800, Dan LaLande wrote:
> >with that I want to leave guy, can we make it so he can't send messages,
> >recieves all of ours 10 or 20 times?  that would be cool.
> > 
> Well, technically, though I wouldn't do it because it would be cruel..
> (i've done it before and have had much fun and success with it), I could
> basically do 2 things.
> 1) send a hard core email bomb and destroy his mail server. being that
> on an OC-48 line at work (48 bundled T-3 Lines) I could loop and email
> a 1 meg picture attachment and send it to him about a 100 times in a
> of minutes. This would destroy his incomming email storage server. Or if
> has his email set up to look at incoming emails ahead of time to 'detect'
> large emails, then I could set up an infinite loop email and send him
> a one line message... every have a couple of thousand new emails when you
> log on? It's not pretty.
> But, alas, I'm above such things now, so I vote for option #2:
> 2) we send Groo over to his house?
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