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G&R 1&2 :)

I just recieved my copy's of G&R 1&2 thanks to good ol Gary 'Dessesbo'
Grossman, thanks gary, What a pal. So I had to it down and read them
agian and agian which gave me a very warm fuzzy sorta feeling,
actually that might have been caused by the cheese fondue I spilt on
myself, but anyway.

While I'm here I think I shall tell you all about how I almost fataly
grooed! Well it was about 8 years ago when me and some of my friends
met this guy who did tatoo's. Well we all decided that we would get a
tattoo. One of my friend got a flaming anchor, he was going into the
navy as a fireman. Another had a viking done on his arm. and one other
had Calvin and Hobbs. Which came out really neat. So I was thinking
yeah maybe a cartoon character wold be cool. So iwas trying to decide
what I wanted to get. So it came down to two choices, the album cover
to the Mistfits, Die Die My Darling or Groo. And as you all can
plainly see I choose the Misfits. I dont think I'd still be alive if I
had to have Groo with me permanantly, wherever I went, day and night,
causing all kinds of chaos and other nasty things! I would never be
able to sail on a boat. An d I dont wanna think what would have
happened if I tried flying in a plane with Groo tatooed on my arm! 

AKA Sean


Lay the proud usurpers low
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Liberty's in every blow!
Let us do, or die! 
         -Robert Burns

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