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A Fish Story (non Groo)

Hi Groop,
I know that the following event has nothing to do with Groo, but I 
thought you might enjoy it.  And keep in please keep in mind that, smell 
is in the ..er nose of the beholder. 

It all began on an average day, when an average man along with a few of 
his friends (about 10) decided to throw a party.  They decided to cook a 
specific type of "dried" (though I find the term "Mummified" more 
suiting) fish; considered a form of delicacy in several regions of 
Bangladesh; and known for it's rather strong smell.

Well, his NEIGHBORS called the police because of the "Strange" smell 
coming from their neighbor's house.  The police surrounded the house, 
busted in as if they were raiding a drug-lab (or so the police 
suspected), and searched the entire joint.  Much to the surprise of the 
police, it turned out to be the dried fish and ONLY the dried fish. 

(The above event was published in a local Bengali newspaper)

                                               -Saad "Mummified" Azim

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