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One Night!

>Are there any kind folks in the area of the SDCC that would be willing
>to let this semi-DESSESBO Groopie stay at their own home for a few
>days?  I mean, I don't smell like Groo, act like Groo, or cook like
>Groo, but... A warm room and a roof is all I'll need.... I'll even help

~~~~ I had.... a thought!  If it came down to bunking with a Groop mate, 
who would I choose and why.  SO for the sake of fun, imagine you're 
about to pal around for an evening with a groop member... what would you 
expect?  FOr instance:

Ruben:  If I were to pal around with Rube, I get the impression we'd do 
some food shopping.  We're both cooking oriented.  Although I'd probably 
end up smiling politely and looking for a plant pot to stick the 
mouthfuls of bizarre stuff he'd give me. (all the while chewing on 
nothing and making happy noises.)

Squirrel:  Let's see, we'd go out drinking (I don't drink) have steaks 
(I rarely eat red meat) And then do some sort of partying (which I 
rarely do anymore.)  I'm sure he'd be very dissapointed with me.  
(Squirrel: "But Nate!  You're the Enchilada guy!  WIth the adventures 
and the women and the guns and the space sheep!"  Nate:"Sorry Squirrel, 
it's all repressed fantasy.")

Kev Hall:  Well, I already know what would happen, cuz I did pal around 
with he and his daughter for a day last Nov.  But in the fantasy 
version, we'd both be happier with the Mexican food.

Unirabbit:  (See Ruben)

~~~~ C'mon guys, try it out, if you were spending an evening (get your 
mind out of the gutter) with groopmates, (HEY!  There's a new name for 
us!) what would you expect?  (It's kind of a game of educated social 
roleplaying... so warm up your d20's)

~Nate P.

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