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Re: San Diego Comic Con

This is for anybody interested.
Project A-Kon- June 4-6
Where-the Hyatt Dallas/Fort Worth airport at terminal C (formally
terminal 3E) exact address: Hyatt D/FW Airport
                      PO box 619014
                      D/FW Airport, TX 75261
phone: (972) 453-1234
Price: $90 a night for the hotel room for 1-4 people (incldes tax)
Con tickets: $30 for the weekend to pre-reg- until March 10- $32 for
pre-reg after March 10 Guests: Bruce Campbell ( Evil Dead, Army of
Darkness, Xena)
Tim Thomerson ( Trancers, Dollman, Xena)
Mari Iijima ( Minmei from the original Maccross)
Ken meseroll ( the original voice of Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers)
Ipongi Bang ( manga artist, Japanese pop singer- may sing again this
year it's worth it just for that) Ben Dunn (head of Anarctic Press,
creator/original artist ofNinja High School) Elin Winkler (president of
Radio Comics and she's cute)
Kuni Kimura (president of Iron Cat Comics)
Dealers room: amazing, toys, comics, everything
Art show & auction- Fri 2-8 pm-Sat 10am-6pm- Sun 11am-4pm
Role playng games: Battletech- Anime live action- Vampire: the Dark
ages, live action role playing  Sat 8pm Plus: panals, video rooms & more
For more detailed info:  www.A-Kon.com
Hope to see ya there!
---Bryan "            "Shultz
PS- Sorry, I forgot to include the address and phone # of the hotel in
your e-mail Chris.

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>I'm going, but then I posted it. If your going to go (or anyone else for
>that matter), let me know. The anime fan club I belong to is going to
>have a table. I'd really like to meet any of the other Groop members who

I'll go. Would you let me know the details? You said in June, right? It
would be good to meet other Groopoids. (Can I sit at your table?)



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