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Re: One Night!

Hmmmm.... if I had to bunk with a grooper...... hmmm.....
Ruben: food yes, I´ll agree with nate. food... yes I like food, food good.

Nate: Well, we both would be rather boring I would imagine, though I eat
meat, don´t drink, shouldn´t eat meat...I´m a Shin Buddhist... but, warped
mindwise, it would be a blast, we would openly worship Umberto with reckless
abandon in the streets......

Unirabbit: Welllllllllllll......... she eats squirrels don´t she?
I would have to tkae her out to great resturant and have fried rabbit,
unirabbit........ and maybe horse meat (which is good), then an evening of
playing gin rummy with groo game cards.

Gary. I do not want to even think about this............. if even a small
part of his sickne...uh addicti........uh, proble......uh,  forget it, it
would be dangerous for my kharma..........

Bubble...... that would be way cool, we have the squirrel god thing

Shane..... well I would have him teach me the fine art of email death. I
have people that I want bombed out of the net baby! screw kharma, they will
pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey! wait come on! three months of being good.........
dammit!! No ouch ! Ouch needle hurts.... head fuzzy...... thorazine
Bodhi sva-ha- ka han-nya shin gyo
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Datum: Freitag, 5. März 1999 01:30
Betreff: One Night!

>>Are there any kind folks in the area of the SDCC that would be willing
>>to let this semi-DESSESBO Groopie stay at their own home for a few
>>days?  I mean, I don't smell like Groo, act like Groo, or cook like
>>Groo, but... A warm room and a roof is all I'll need.... I'll even help
>~~~~ I had.... a thought!  If it came down to bunking with a Groop mate,
>who would I choose and why.  SO for the sake of fun, imagine you're
>about to pal around for an evening with a groop member... what would you
>expect?  FOr instance:
>Ruben:  If I were to pal around with Rube, I get the impression we'd do
>some food shopping.  We're both cooking oriented.  Although I'd probably
>end up smiling politely and looking for a plant pot to stick the
>mouthfuls of bizarre stuff he'd give me. (all the while chewing on
>nothing and making happy noises.)
>Squirrel:  Let's see, we'd go out drinking (I don't drink) have steaks
>(I rarely eat red meat) And then do some sort of partying (which I
>rarely do anymore.)  I'm sure he'd be very dissapointed with me.
>(Squirrel: "But Nate!  You're the Enchilada guy!  WIth the adventures
>and the women and the guns and the space sheep!"  Nate:"Sorry Squirrel,
>it's all repressed fantasy.")
>Kev Hall:  Well, I already know what would happen, cuz I did pal around
>with he and his daughter for a day last Nov.  But in the fantasy
>version, we'd both be happier with the Mexican food.
>Unirabbit:  (See Ruben)
>~~~~ C'mon guys, try it out, if you were spending an evening (get your
>mind out of the gutter) with groopmates, (HEY!  There's a new name for
>us!) what would you expect?  (It's kind of a game of educated social
>roleplaying... so warm up your d20's)
>~Nate P.
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