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Re: One Night!

>Shane: I'm not sure I could talk up to his level. Does he read classics?

Classics? That's a broad term. Are you talking about books? Or maybe comic
books, (either way, they're both RAD!!! nate)

It seems that there is this pre-conception of me. I cary the label
'computer geek' with me. Man, is that wrong. I am quite
capable of getting myself around with computers, but alas, I have not
pocket protector and I do not wear glasses with tape in
the middle. I dress like a snowboarding punk. I read anything I can get my
hands on. And I just happen to occassionaly use 
a computer. So, my 4 favorite things in life would be (1)Girlfriend (and
the adventures that come with that!), (2) My comic books &
books, (3) Snowboarding & (4) Computers.